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AFFA Football Clubs Licencing Policy Statement
Licensing system is one of the major means for the development of football in Azerbaijan. We are responsible for the effective implementation of this system, timely delivery of required services and information to the clubs. 
Neutrality and confidentiality are  the main principles of the system. These principles are specifically related to the decision making. We are commited to manage the licensing in accordance with the approved means.  Clubs can obtain information regarding new rules, policies and documents related to the licensing through the workshops and trainings arranged by us during the season.  
We are commited to constant development and improvement of the licensing system for clubs. For these purposes, the opinions of clubs regarding the licensing systems is very important for us. To improve the quality of our service to clubs and the effectiveness of the system we regularly collect and analyse the opinions of the clubs.
AFFA licensing policy is implemented in accordance with rules and regulations. Apart from that, we ensure that rules of licensing policies are set in accordance with laws of the Azerbaijan Republic, FIFA and UEFA.
All  members of AFFA working within the framework of licensing system receive related information via Internet, ekstranet and Mass Media.
Members of licensing group participate in workshops organised by UEFA in order to improve their knowledge on abovementioned subjects. Additionally,   their duties and responsibilities are explained to all participants of licensing process.  Regular audit  is held to evaluate their knowledge and skills.
In order to protect the authority of the licensing system in Azerbaijan, all participants are required to follow ethical norms, as well as the principles of neutrality and confidentiality. All attempts to break the rules are punished with all strictness. 
We are commited to follow the abovementioned principles and are open to discussion of any suggestions and recommendations. 
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