The TAC Company which established in 1997 is currently guided by the main slogan - "Quality of Water - Guality of life!" The company's success and reputation in the local market is connected with it. High-quality raw materials, advanced technology, as well as the recruitment of specialists in the Republic of Azerbaijan, Russia, Germany, Turkey, in cooperation with the Institute of dealing with the problems of high nutritional value of the product and provides a good taste characteristics. The main duties of the "TAC" LLC is provide consumers with "live" natural water and environmentally safe non-alcoholic drinks in the currently complex environmental conditions, and the company enterprise cope with this task. The production of the "TAC" LLC is awarded with ISO 9001: 2013 certifications, as well as the prestigious HACCP for not only the high quality of the production, but also confirming the safety certificate. It should be noted that it is required to use HACCP method in the food industry of the countries of the European Union, the United States, and Canada.
In this regard, the TAC Company is guaranteed the production of quality and safe products in the consumer market. The water in nature can not be perfectly clean water. Such water is consisted different gases and saltsaw as well as other hard particles.The amount of freshwater mixes, typically up to 0.1% from 0.01% (by weight) is changing.
There are several water processing methods to clean the natural water from different mixtures:
To use of reversed osmosis membrane filtration plants,
  • activated carbon adsorption,
  • chemical processing (chlorination and ozonlasdırma),
  • to use ion-exchange materials,
  • to distille the water.
Each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages.
The most common way to experience water all over the world is a membrane filtration. But unfortunately, in this case the water is distilled and its vital macro - and microelements mineralization is simulated the water. The water “AQUA VİTA” extracted from a depth of 400 meters of artesian wells located near the forest area clean Xudat is protected from the environment, biological and chemical contamination. The main task of TAC Company is to preserve the quality of this unique natural water.
TAC Company in principle does not use reverse osmosis water plant during the preparation of the water, prefers to deliver "live", high-quality natural water to their customers.
Water does not pass distillation process and all mineral substances in the complex be saved "live".
Chemical, microbiological and organoleptic tests of the water are carried out at all stages of production.