PASHA Insurance

"PASHA Insurance" Open Joint Stock Company is a one of leaders in the Azerbaijani insurance market. Currently, the company's authorized capital is 50 million manat.
Such high level of capital of "Pasha Insurance" gives the necessary financial guarantees to fulfill certain obligations of its insurance company and guarantee its solvency.
In addition, it’s enough to ensure the company's own funds and to ensure the existence of a potential for the company's further development. In insurance services market, "Pasha Insurance" company presents itself as a universal insurance company.
The company offers individual and corporate customers about 36 types of voluntary and compulsory insurance services. "Pasha Insurance" builds the most advanced mechanisms of western practices on the basis of the company's business processes, taking into account the characteristics of the national market.
The company is represented as a member of organizations such as "AMCHAM", "Global Compact", "IMIA" and "Azerbaijan Insurers Association".