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News / A meeting regarding fixed games was held (photos)

A meeting regarding fixed games was held (photos)

AFFA published on: 11.03.2020 print
A meeting was held today at AFFA's headquarters with assigned representatives in the struggle against fixed games  Azerbaijan Premier League and Division I football clubs in line with the B criteria for licensing rules for UEFA and Premier League tournaments.
A meeting regarding fixed games was held (photos)
Seymur Salimli, UEFA Representative for fixed games in Azerbaijan, gave lectures on the topics of "What should we know about fixed games?" and "Our goal is to protect you?" and made educational and reporting presentations. The participants of the seminar were informed about the Convention on Manipulation of Sports Competitions, several amendments and additions to the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Physical Education and Sport, the Disciplinary Code of the Disciplinary Committee, they were provided with a variety of training materials (videos, presentations, booklets, training programs, auxiliary materials, etc.) to improve their knowledge of the prevention of fixed games for all the teams working with the UEFA Representative in AFFA during the season and were instructed to conduct awareness training.
When responding to the questions of the officials, it is stated that in case of such negative circumstances or suspicious issues, they can go to the attached link and send information to the contact numbers or e-mails:
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