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News / A memorandum was signed between SMBDA and AFFA (photos)

A memorandum was signed between SMBDA and AFFA (photos)

AFFA published on: 19.02.2020 print
The Euro 2020 Games to be held in Baku will provide promising opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). In order to support SMBs, there will be sales of SMB products at the Euro 2020 Baku "Fan Zone" and in the areas around the stadiums.
A memorandum was signed between SMBDA and AFFA (photos)
The Small and Medium Business Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SMBDA) and the Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan (AFFA) will co-operate for this purpose. Today, the event was organized by the organization of SMBDA and AFFA, with the participation of about 150 SMBs on the topic of "Euro-2020: prospects for SMBs", the participants were informed about the benefits of SMBs from the events like European Championship 2020, the expansion of sales opportunities, and the questions of entrepreneurs were answered.
The Chairman of the SMBDA Management Board Orkhan Mammadov said that the Euro-2020 Games, which will be hosted by Azerbaijan this year, will contribute to the development of sports, especially football in our country, as well as promote the sale of SMB products. It was stressed that special booths will be set up to support the sale of SMBs in the respective territories where the games will be held under the cooperation of SMBDA and AFFA. Here you can find various food products, souvenirs, gifts, clothes and other products made by SMBs for sale. This cooperation will also provide an opportunity to promote products of Azerbaijan, access to various services (shopping, nutrition, etc.) for local and foreign football fans and guests of our city.
AFFA Executive Vice President Elkhan Mammadov informed the participants about the upcoming games in Baku within the Euro 2020, noting the importance of hosting the Games in our country, along with the development of tourism and entrepreneurship. 
Presentation on "Euro 2020 and Business Opportunities" was held and a film about the activity of SMBDA was demonstrated in the event.
Later, SMBDA and AFFA signed a Memorandum for supporting SMBs during the Euro 2020 games. The document was signed by the Chairman of the SMBDAManagement Board Orkhan Mammadov and AFFA Executive Vice President Elkhan Mammadov.
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