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News / A seminar for the media representatives (photos)

A seminar for the media representatives (photos)

Referee-inspector published on: 31.01.2020 print
Today, the Referees Committee held a seminar for media representatives at the AFFA headquarters.
A seminar for the media representatives (photos)
The head of Information and Public Relations Department of AFFA Firuz Abdulla welcomed the participants at the beginning of the seminar, led by Fritz Stuchlik, chairman of the Referees Committee, and attended by the head of the department, Javid Jalilov.
F. Stuchlik provided the workshop participants with detailed information on the additions and amendments to the Game Rules, in what cases the VAR system is being used. According to the program, a quiz consisting of 10 video clips was held. Participants noted down on the special forms about what the referee should decide in accordance with the rules on the video clips they watched. Then the clarification was given about the correct answers to the questions presented in the quiz.
In the end, videos of interesting episodes recorded during the games of the Azerbaijan Premier League before the winter break were demonstrated, discussions were held, and media representatives' questions were answered.
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