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News / A tender for the uniforms

A tender for the uniforms

AFFA published on: 21.02.2020 print

AFFA announces a tender for the purchase of the uniforms for the security guards to be used in 4 matches of Euro 2020 in Baku.

You can find out more information about the uniforms to be purchased in the link below:
A tender for the uniforms
Information regarding uniforms
In order to maintain transparency and security in the process of evaluating proposals, please submit to the AFFA a properly completed “Due Diligence Questionnaire", which you can download using the following link. Unless a “Due Diligence Questionnaire" is submitted, this proposal will not be able to participate in the tender.
Those wishing to participate in the tender shall submit the price proposal and aforementioned “Due Diligence Questionnaire", as well as a letter of guarantee that the required products will be delivered by 10.05.2020 in case of winning the bid, to e-mail - [email protected] not later than 18:00, 04.03.2020.
In case you have additional questions, please contact [email protected]
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