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News / Azerbaijan (women) - Poland (women): Coaches' thoughts

Azerbaijan (women) - Poland (women): Coaches' thoughts

A National Team (Women`s) published on: 11.03.2020 print
We bring to your attention the coaches' comments after the Azerbaijan-Poland match, which took place today at the "ASK Arena" in the women's qualifying round of the European Championship:
Azerbaijan (women) - Poland (women): Coaches' thoughts
Siyasat Asgarov (head coach of the Azerbaijan national team): “We were expecting the game to be difficult, based on the strength of the opponent. We knew that the Polish national team would play in our part of the pitch. We were ready for it. That's what we built our game on. We wanted to get what we wanted in counter-attacks. The goals scored in the extra time of the game were not good for us. We are a young team. Lack of experience in this kind of international game has proved itself. The opponent has been participating in the World Cup qualifying round for many years. We are fighting in the qualifying round for the first time. The Polish team surpassed us in all aspects and won.”
Milosz Stepinski (head coach of the Polish national team): “Though we had some fear before the game, we are very happy with the game we have performed and with the result. We were ahead with the score of 2:0 till the last minute. We were able to score 3 more goals in the minutes added to the main time of the match. In particular, the third goal we scored during the counter-attack has frustrated the Azerbaijanian team. By the way, I thank the organizers for their high hospitality.”
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