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Change in the Squad

A National Team published on: 12.11.2019 print
Elvin Djamalov has been called from “Zire’ club  for replacement, as Eddi Israfilov, invited from “Albasete” club of Spain to Azerbaijan international team will not be able to participate in Azerbaijan -  Wales match as a part of the Euro 2020 qualifying round which is going to be held at “Bakcell Arena” on November 16.
Change in the Squad
Eddi Israfilov informed that due to a technical problem with the letter sent to “Albasete” club related to his invitation procedure to the national team, he will be able to join the Azerbaijani national team as of November 17. Accordingly AFFA has informed FIFA about this matter. 
Eddi Israfilov will take part in the training camp, which will be held on November 19 against the national team of Slovakia.
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