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News / “Our aim is to form a strong team”

“Our aim is to form a strong team”

U-19 published on: 22.01.2020 print
Samir Aliyev, the head coach of the national team of Azerbaijan consisting of players under 19, which is in the training camp in Antalya,  commented to today after the game against Alanyaspor's respective age group:
“Our aim is to form a strong team”
“It was our first game. We tried to test all the players and examine them. As we are a new team, we don't know most of the players well. It was a good experience for us. It also gives us reasons for what to look forward to and what positions we can strengthen in the future. We have two games ahead. We will try to make a decent performance in matches with the national team of Northern Macedonia. All conditions are created here for us. The players are also very motivated and determined. Each of them tries to show himself in the best possible way. It is true that we have not been able to send an invitation to many players for this gathering. But there are players who are away but not out of our minds. We will invite them to the next training camp and test them. During March-April we will try to form an optimal staff. In October, additional to the game with a home team in Moldova, we also have matches with Greece and France in the European Championship qualifiers. Our goal is to create a disciplined, determined team.”
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