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News / “This training camp was for the team's benefit”

“This training camp was for the team's benefit”

U-19 published on: 27.01.2020 print
Samir Aliyev, head coach of Azerbaijan national team consisting of the players under 19, who plays the next friendly match with their peers from Northern Macedonia in Antalya, Turkey, explained to
“This training camp was for the team's benefit”
“It was our last game in a 10-day training session. Unlike our first encounter with the team of North Macedonia, we made seven changes in the main squad this time. The good news is that despite our defeat, the players have shown persistence and won in the end. As for the general assembly, we tried to make the most of it. I think the gathering was in our favor. We are preparing for the upcoming games with Kazakhstan. We plan to invite 4-5 new players for that gathering. We will watch the matches of the championship. Our national team's door is open to all the players who are selected by discipline in the first place and who deserve to wear this uniform”.
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