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News / "Tomorrow we have to demonstrate our best game"

"Tomorrow we have to demonstrate our best game"

EURO-2024 published on: 26.03.2023 print
Here are the views expressed by head coach Gianni De Biasi and team member Bahlul Mustafazadeh at the press conference on the eve of the Sweden-Azerbaijan match within EURO 2024 qualifying round:
"Tomorrow we have to demonstrate our best game"
Gianni De Biasi: (head coach of the Azerbaijani national team): “We analyzed the Sweden's games well, we know what system they play with. The team includes such famous players as Ibrahimovic and Kulushevsky. Sweden's loss to Belgium in the first game created pressure on the team. We will play against the team that is in 23rd place.
Of course, a lot depends on us. I trust my team. If you want to achieve something in life, you have to work hard. We will try our best with honor. We must learn from the last match and show our best performance tomorrow. We will continue to go our own way."
Bahlul Mustafazadeh: “I think that climate change should not be a problem for us. As footballers, we often face such situations. As for our performance in the first game, the entire defense is to blame for the goals conceded. In fact, we started the game well. There were mistakes that I personally could insure, but could not. We must not repeat the same mistakes in tomorrow's game.
We all strive for good results. I think we are developing. Because we started to play more comfortably and win.”
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