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News / Trainings in Sumgayit and Guba (photos)

Trainings in Sumgayit and Guba (photos)

Registration system published on: 19.06.2019 print
As result of preparation for the 2019/20 season AFFA continues to organize meetings for officials of teams consisting of boys, girls, amateurs, Regional League and Futsal League and staff members involved in online registration process. The next trainings were held in Sumgayit and Guba on June 17 and 18.
Trainings in Sumgayit and Guba (photos)
During the trainings AFFA staff members made presentations on setting up new club, making username and password, player registration, player info updating, transfer and loan processes, new license cards, document attachment and etc., provided information on registration system statutes, deadline of registration, new registration procedures. The application of the "Join to Football" Online Registration Program make provision for putting into practice the online registration by each club.
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