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News / "We had a great chance to do this"

"We had a great chance to do this"

Futsal published on: 01.02.2020 print
Jose Alessio Da Silva, the head coach of Azerbaijan national team, who will play against Slovakia within the Elite Round of WC-2020, commented on after the game:
"We had a great chance to do this"
“We really wanted to win. We had a great chance for that. We created numerous goal episodes in front of the opponent's gate. If you do not use it, you cannot win. Unfortunately, we also had difficulty getting into the "frame". When we advanced in the score, I told my players to calm down, that the opponent was already tired, and that they would gradually make mistakes. But my players' desire for victory did not allow it. I would not rate it as a lack of discipline. Simply, the excess of desire led to non-stop attacks, when the opponent caught us in the counter-attack at this time, equalizing the score first and then changing the situation in favor of themselves.
Nothing is over yet, we still have chances. Even if we won, we would have to wait for the result of the final game. We would expect Croatia not to be defeated in that match, or Russia to win with a 3-4 goals difference. Now, the defeat of the second one in the Russian-Croatian game will be enough for us.”
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