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News / “…We will try to realize the difficult ones”

“…We will try to realize the difficult ones”

Futsal published on: 30.01.2020 print
The coach of Azerbaijan national team who will play with the national team of  Croatia in the first match of the elite round of the 2020 World Cup, Jose Alessio Da Silva, commented on the game for
“…We will try to realize the difficult ones”
“Both teams struggled until the end. We made a mistake during a standard situation and they used it to open a score. The match showed that both the national teams of Azerbaijan and Croatia were well prepared for this tournament. The game was also interesting. In the second part, we were the superior side. The opponent played mostly “at home”. We created episodes, but we could not realize them. As a result, we had to take risks and replace the goalkeeper with a squad player. Again, we made a mistake and our opponent increased their advantage by scoring a goal into the empty door. In general, we played disciplined and did not leave a bad impression. Of course, when you fail to win, such moments are invisible. We have two games ahead. The chance is not over yet. I agree it will be difficult. But we will play better and try to realize the difficult things".
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