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News / Workshop on match fixing (photos)

Workshop on match fixing (photos)

AFFA published on: 18.09.2019 print
A workshop on match fixing was held for members of Tufan FC participating in the Youth and Under 17 Leagues, according to an application of the club.
Workshop on match fixing (photos)
Seymur Salimli, a representative of UEFA on match-fixing in Azerbaijan talked about honesty issues, lectured on the topics “What we need to know about match fixing” and “Our main aim is to protect you and football” topics, and made enlightening and reporting presentations. The workshop participants also were given information about Convention on Manipulation of Sport Competitions, some amendments and changes made to the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan Republic and the Law of Azerbaijan Republic on Physical Training and Sport, and Disciplinary Code of Disciplinary Committee. Then Mr. Salimli answered questions of the participants and informed them that, when they face with such negative or suspicious moments, they can access to the attached link and contact the numbers or email address to report:
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