MG Motors Azerbaijan

There was a partnership agreement signing ceremony between the Association of Azerbaijan Football Federations and "ASIA Motors" LLC "MG Motors Azerbaijan".
The agreement was signed by AFFA General Secretary Sarkhan Hajiyev and ASIA Motors director Elmir Khalilov.
According to the agreement, "MG Motors Azerbaijan" will be a partner of AFFA and Azerbaijan national teams for 1 year.
Secretary General Sarkhan Hajiyev and director of "ASIA Motors" Elmir Khalilov made a speech at the event and expressed their confidence that the partnership agreement will be beneficial for both sides.
Then Elmir Khalilov made a presentation about MG cars. The event was completed by conducting a review of MG cars.
MG has begun producing dynamic and comfortable sports cars during its century-long history since 1924 and has proven itself in the most positive way. MG was founded in Great Britain in a high level, it now sells worldwide and has also begun to expand and grow rapidly. In 2021, this process managed to manifest itself more prominently in Western and Eastern Europe.
MG is manufactured at China's largest and most famous SAIC Motors car factory and exported to many countries around the world.
Offering practical and affordable off-roads, sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs and pick-ups, MG is now the UK's fastest growing car brand with an expanding distributor and dealer network.
Designed in Marylebone, London and manufactured in state-of-the-art factories in several countries, today's MG is spacious, technology-packed and the perfect choice for modern life. It has a set of equipment such as a 360-degree camera system for comfort and safety, front and rear parking radars of MG parking assistant technology, heated mirrors and automatic headlights lays the groundwork for very comfortable and confident driving.
As ASIA Motors, our purpose is to build on the values that have made MG world famous, offering luxury British cars that people love to drive and own, at affordable prices and terms.
MG has always been innovative, always creative and always fun!