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1. Selection of the product 
To select the product pay attention to the categories on the upper part of the page.
2. How to order 
After selecting the product , add the product to the basket, enter your name and phone number and press  "Add to Cart" button. 
To see the list of the selected products go to the top ( right corner ) and press "Your Cart" button
Fill in an empty fields and select the delivery type. Read and accept the rules and then press  "Send" button.
Finally check the name , quantity and price of the product.  
3. Delivery
The product is delivered by courier.
Product delivery is free of charge only in Baku
International delivery and delivery to azerbaijani regions requires an additional fee.
4. Payments
Non-cash payment
VISA, MASTERCARD credit cards or Golden Pay payment system 
5. Refund and exchange 
Refund or exchange of the product can be done no later than 14 days after the day of purchase  (in this case a receipt must be submitted in accordance with the relevant rules).
In case of return or exchange the delivery fees are paid by the customer.
The product should be in the marketable condition .