A memorandum between Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan and UNICEF was signed in the AFFA headquarters on September 27, 2007.
Today by signing a Memorandum of Understanding UNICEF and Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan (AFFA), officially launched a joint partnership, using the power of football to increase participating in sports of isolated and disadvantaged boys and girls, to expand their knowledge about healthy lifestyles and life skills and to increase the participation of girls in sports all over the country. 
AFFA and UNICEF are joining forces to implement a joint campaign consists of several components. It includes the following components:
1. Joint training courses in schools for increasing the number of female football coaches to work with isolated and disadvantaged boys and girls;
2. Master classes be held by famous football players for disadvantaged children living in rural areas, in IDP camps and child care facilities;
3. Organization of sports activities and events in the communities as well as mobilization of the communities to create the conditions;
4. Using female athletes as models and promoters to increase the participation of girls in sports and to start the public awareness campaigns to increase the participation of girls in sports.
"We believe in power of football. We believe that football helps children grow up not only strong physically, but also accompanies them throughout their lives and helps to build confidence and self-esteem, "said Hanaa Singer, head of UNICEF Azerbaijan.
"AFFA is pleased to cooperate with UNICEF to increase the popularity of football and also awareness among young people about healthy lifestyle through a number of different activities and events. Of course, this cooperation will help to attract the girls to play football, "said AFFA General Secretary Elkhan Mammadov.
The joint acticity between UNICEF and AFFA will based on the global partnership between UNICEF and FIFA - since 2001, the two organizations are jointed to prevent children from being recruited as soldiers, through education and discussion to awareness about the dangers of HIV / AIDS and to improve the education for girls.