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UEFA B, A and Pro Coaching courses as well as AFFA C category coaching courses are organized in Azerbaijan by AFFA. AFFA C category Courses first held in 2006 are arranged 5-7 times per year, UEFA B, A and Pro category courses were first held in 2005, 2007 and 2011 respectively. Since  2010 UEFA A course is held once annually, B course 2 times per year, AFFA C category is held 5 to 7 times annually. 
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Tabriz Hasanov

Tabriz Hasanov was born on June 15, 1967 in Baku.
He got his higher education in Azerbaijan State Academy Of Physical Culture And Sport in 1984-1990.
He played as a professional football player for Neftchi PFC (Baku) in 1985-1986, 1991-1992, Termists PFC (Baku) in 1988-1989, Goyazan FC (Kazakh) in 1990-1991, Karabakh PFC (Aghdam) in 1993-1999, 2000-2001, ANS Pivani PFC (Baku) in 1999-2000.
He began his coach career since 2001. He worked as coach-assistant of U-21 boys national team in 2004-2006, Karvan PFC (Yevlakh) in 2004-2007, as a head coach of Karvan PFC in 2007-2008, U-15 national team in 2009, U-16 national team in 2010, U-17 natinal team in 2011-2012, U-15 national team in 2013, U-16 national team in 2014.
T.Hasanov got "B" category coach license in 2004, and "A" category in 2005. He is "UEFA Pro" category coach since 2012.
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