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News / "Araz-Nakhchivan" became the champion of Azerbaijan (photos)

"Araz-Nakhchivan" became the champion of Azerbaijan (photos)

Futsal published on: 15.05.2023 print
The 2022/2023 season of Futsal Top League was completed with the final game held today.
"Araz-Nakhchivan" became the champion of Azerbaijan (photos)
"Araz-Nakhchivan" won the Azerbaijan championship for the 29th time, winning 4:1 in the decisive game against "Neftchi" IK. After the final game, an awarding ceremony was organized for the teams that finished the current season in the first 3 places.
The awards were presented by Zaur Akhundov, president of Azerbaijan Futsal Federation, member of AFFA Executive Committee, Sarkhan Hajiyev, the general secretary of AFFA, and Sadig Sadigov, the head of the administrative staff of "Neftchi" Sports Club SU. "Baku Fire" was awarded a bronze medal, "Neftchi" IK a silver medal, "Araz-Nakhchivan" a gold medal, as well as respective diplomas for each of the teams. Finally, the championship trophy was presented to "Araz-Nakhchivan".
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