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News / "The opponent made us commit mistakes"

"The opponent made us commit mistakes"

UEFA published on: 10.04.2024 print
Below are the opinions expressed by Siyasat Asgarov, the head coach of the Azerbaijan women's national football team, after the match against the Swiss team in the 1st group of the B League today at the "Dalgha Arena" within the qualifying round of the European Championship:
"The opponent made us commit mistakes"
"We knew that the game would be difficult. We analyzed the opponent and knew the quality of Swiss team's game. It i obvious that the quality speaks for itself. Nevertheless, my team struggled. It is true that we are lacking in some components. We still need time.
We wanted to take advantage of our chance at home field, but it didn't happen. The most disappointing side for us is this score. We did not expect the score to be like this. The opponent made us commit mistakes. The Swiss national team increased the pace of the game a lot. The pace was high in the game against Hungary as well. There also the players used all their strength. And the team had traveled a long way. Fatigue was obvious. Hereafter, we need to work on mistakes and look ahead".
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