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News / “We want to qualify for the World Cup finals again”

“We want to qualify for the World Cup finals again”

Futsal published on: 27.01.2020 print
Jose Alesio Da Silva, head coach of Azerbaijan national futsal team, which is continuing preparations for the elite round of the WC-2020 in Osiek, Croatia, where the games will be held, has been interviewed by
“We want to qualify for the World Cup finals again”
- The national team has been training in Osijek since January 25. What information would you like to share about the team?
- Of course, it was a good idea to come 4 days in advance to the city where the games will be played. We continue our trainings at the "Gradsk vrt" Sports Complex. This is a positive point both in terms of adapting to the local time and to the hall. In terms of discipline, the team is in good shape. The kids are very eager and focused on the trainings. Today we will continue our workout according to plan. In the final preparations before the game, we will be working on standard situations and tactical exercises. Rafael Vilela and Everton Cardoso have already joined the team as well. It is true that Cardoso has arrived tonight and he will still join his first rehearsal with the team today.
- And how do you like Rafael Villa's preparation?
- He is in a very good form. After a break in the Brazilian Championship, there was a certain amount of disruption. But the fact that he spent the last two weeks in Spain with the squad of his new club changed for the better.
- Only 2 days left for the first game. Is there any point that bothers you?
- We have no serious problems. We have some players who have just recovered their injuries. Especially, I can say that Vassorah is not fully fit after the treatment. Progress is being felt from day to day, but physically he is only 70-80 percent ready now. Thaqo also had problems after the injury. However, Vassora's injury is different and the recovery process is not the same. Vassora's injury is among the getting well late injuries. If we compare, Thago is in better shape.
- In general, how many percentage is the team ready for the first game?
- I can say we're ready for 80 percent. Now it is up to Vilela and Cardoso, who joined the team late, to take on defensive and offensive tasks. We have two trainings for this and I will share with them the information we need before the first game.
- We will start the official matches against Croatia. How would you characterize your opponent?
- I've watched their several games. We even encountered them in 2017 when we were working for the Kazakh national team. True, we have won, but I must emphasize that they are a good team. They are physically strong. There are a lot of futsal players in their squad who are differentiated for individual game plans. They act in a different game system. In the offensive episodes, they prefer to go one-on-one with their opponents in the episodes, to transfer the ball to the "pillar" and create numerous realistic scoring episodes. We have to be careful in these episodes.
- What would you like to share about our other two opponents - Russia and Slovakia?
- The Russian team is the team we have met most of all. They are different both physically and individually, and are a team dominated by experienced futsal players. Domestic championships are also very strong. Favorite of our group. And Slovakia we met in Baku. As far as I know, one of his key players is injured and will not be able to participate in the elite round. They have a good team. To summarize, there will be no easy game in our group.
- What is the task set for your team?
- We have to end the elite round at least at the second level. Much depends on the first game. We will determine the task of the second match according to the results of this match. In any case, we want to qualify for the World Cup final again.
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