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Ball festival in Ganja

According to "State Program by development of football in Azerbaijan in 2005-2015" signed by Republic president Ilham Aliyev, AFFA realizes different projects for providing popularity of football, finding out talented youth, creating necessary conditions for them, enlarging popularity, reviving children football in our country. After "Ball festival" in Baku on December 16, 2007, in the frame of the cooperative project of Association and "McDonald's", it was decided to organize analogical festivals in regions, too.
So, the festival has been held today from 12.00 to 14.00 in Heydar Aliyev arena in Ganja with the organization of AFFA and "HYUNDAI Azerbaijan" and help of Ganja City Executive Authority. This festival was held among U-14 children and 270 children, who represented not only Ganja, but also different regions of our country, took part in the festival.
Sanan Sharifzada, sport comentator of ATV, led the festival. Firstly, AFFA General Secretary Elkhan Mammadov performed and gave information about the importance of the festival.
It was noted that, holding complex festivals was very important for the development of football in our country. One of these festivals was the "Ball festival", which held in Ganja.
One of the main purposes in holding these festivals is to find out talented youth and to be taken care of them by AFFA.
 As you know, last year winner of "Ball festival" Rahman Shabanov is studying in children's team of "Arsenal" club of Ukraine, with the account of association, now. I wish success to all participants of the tournament.
Akif Alakbarov, head deputy of Ganja City Executive Authority, thanked to AFFA leadership for showing such attempt and informed that, this festival was one of the important events for Ganja football, which had many historical traditions.
AFFA vice-president and deputy of National Council Rauf Aliyev assessed "Ball festival" as visual appearance of enforcing State Program, signed by head of state for development of football, properly. It was noted that, necessary conditions were created for development of football in our country and thanks to the shown care and as well as organization of AFFA such events are enforced in our country.
We apprise that, "Ball festival" will carry traditional character, cover all the regions of our country and we promised that, we will try to help each talented young.
After official opening ceremony, the jury were introduced to participants of competition:
Novil Ismayilov - Honorary Physical Education and Sport worker, Republic honored coach.
Muzaffar Qasimov - Honorary Physical Education and Sport worker
Zahid Asgarov - President of Westen Regional Football Federation
Rauf Aliyev - AFFA vice-president and deputy of National Council
Akif Alakbarov - head deputy of Ganja City Executive Authority
Mahammad Mammadov - referee-inspector, justice representative of competition.
After taking into account the rules of the festival, the pitch was subordinated to children.  The festival caused great resonance in the city and singer Saida Sultan gladdened the participants with her popular songs.
According to regulations of festival, at the end defined 3 winners - Sarkhan Nuriyev, Sarkhan Zeynalov and Jabbar Mammadov joined the fight for the first place. Sarkhan Nuriyev, № 127, demonstrated more high talent and became the winner of "Ball festival".
In the awarding ceremony, deputies of National Council Rauf Aliyev, Vidadi Mammadov and Asaf Hajiyev performed and apprized their deep gratitude to organizers for holding this festival  in such high-level. At the end te winners were given presents by AFFA and "HYUNDAI Azerbiajan" company.
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