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News / "The game against Jordan is an important test for us"

"The game against Jordan is an important test for us"

A National Team published on: 11.09.2023 print
Head Coach Gianni De Biasi and a player of the national team Emin Mahmudov shared their thoughts in the press conference held before the Azerbaijan vs Jordan match to be played at Dalgha Arena tomorrow: 
"The game against Jordan is an important test for us"
Gianni De Biasi: "We played well against the Belgium national team. We lost because our opponent was strong. The opponent took advantage of a chance they created. It would be better not to let them score that goal. But we reacted correctly, we played well. I was satisfied with the team. Both those who were in the starting lineup and those who entered the game later played well. As for the Jordan national team, it is a fast team. I watched their several games. All our attention will be against Jordan national team. It is the last exam before the official games in October. Players must take the game seriously. Who will be in the list for the October training depends on tomorrow's game. The game against Jordan is an important test for us."  
Emin Mahmudov: "As the head coach said, we take the game seriously. Even if it is a friendly game, our aim is to understand each other better in the games in October. We want to win tomorrow. We will play against a good team. The opponent is able to counter-attack quickly. We will try to show our game.
The episode I got against Belgium would be a goal. It was good luck for me. I thought I would score comfortably. The convenience made me confused. After the game, I thought about it until the morning."
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