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News / "We want to continue our series of success"

"We want to continue our series of success"

EURO-2024 published on: 23.03.2023 print
Here are the views expressed by head coach Gianni De Biasi and team captain Emin Mahmudov at the press conference on the eve of the Austria-Azerbaijan UEFA EURO 2024 qualifying round match:
"We want to continue our series of success"
Gianni De Biasi (head coach of the Azerbaijani national team): Tomorrow we will try to show the maximum of our strength on the field. The Austrian national team is a very well organized strong team. They played their last games at a high level. They have good players with international experience.
We have injured players in the team. The absence of goalkeeper Shahrudin Mahammadaliev, defender Badavi Huseynov, forward Mahir Emreli is a serious loss for our team. Of course, we have players to make up for the lack of injured.
We have achieved good results in recent matches. We want to continue the series of success. We can win or we can lose.”
Emin Mahmudov: “As a team, we are fully prepared for the game. We watched the opponent's games, we know their strengths and weaknesses. We must continue the game that we showed in the last games. The mood in the team is good. Austria is a good pressing opponent, they play hard. Of course, the main thing is not to let the opponent play. In the last games we had a series of victories in a row. We will try to continue the successful streak." 
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