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Bayil Stadium

The opening ceremony of Bayil Stadium, which was built in Sabayil region of Baku, attached to AFFA, hold on August, 2012. Artificial grass of stadium was honored with the "artificial FIFA**" quality mark by FIFA. The first match played here was friendly match  between Azerbaijan - Zambia, with the teams consisting of U-17 women in 03.09.2012. In the same year, Arena hosted some matches of U-17 Women's World Cup
24 control cameras, 1500 Lux projector, 2 backup generator (can provide all the area with light in 10 second), 2 transformer 1000-400 KVA derogatory substation, big LED screen 3.65x2.47 m.
40VIP station places were conserved for standing of the cars in stadium area.
Followers and VIP:
Stadium  has got 3200 fan volume, in general. 450 of them are VIP seats. 9 seats for disabled people and 4 barrier were built in entry. There are also 3 "skybox" and "VIP Lounge" for 60 people in Arena.
Team and match officials area:
There are 4 dressing rooms in Arena: A, B (50.31 m2), C (40.50 m2) and D (26.72 m2). Each dressing room was provided with 25 wardrobes, 2 WCs, 7 showers and massage table. There are also 2 medical rooms, doping room, FIFA-UEFA room in the stadium. Each of these rooms has 6 wardrobes, 1 WCs and 1 shower.
The tribune for media representatives has 60 seats. 38 seats of them are provided with table, electric and internet. Media conference hall is for 60 people and media center is for 48 people. These halls are also provided with technical equipments.
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