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Training Center of the National Teams

The training center for the national teams, built with the financial support of UEFA, was put into operation in September 2015. All kinds of conditions have been created at the Center, including a training pitch with a natural turf cover, for the effective training of our national teams. The center consists of 3 floors and 32 spacious rooms with a capacity to accept 72 people. The bedrooms are provided with high speed internet, electronic safe and TV services. There is a gym, a meeting room for 50 people, a classroom for 25 people and a restaurant for 72 people. There are 2 laundries, 2 changing rooms, recovery pools, a living room, an outdoor basketball court and a special entertainment zone as well. The football infrastructure of the center  also includes Dalga Arena, Beach Stadium, 2 artificial and 1 newly built natural training ground which meet FIFA standards.
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