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News / “We must not make such mistakes”

“We must not make such mistakes”

A National Team (Futsal) published on: 08.03.2023 print
Head Coach of Azerbaijan national futsal team Jose Alesio Da Silva shared his opinions after the Poland vs Azerbaijan match to be held within the 2024 FIFA World Cup Main round:  
“We must not make such mistakes”
“We started the game well and had two real scoring episodes. Unfortunately, we could not use those episodes. In such games, the team which uses its chance first and scores the first goal wins. We missed the episodes, in addition to this we conceded a goal. Then we made a mistake and the difference increased. It's like we lost the discipline of the game. It was necessary to fight until the end. As the difference in the score appeared, we had to take a risk. If we want to play in the World Cup, we must not make such mistakes”.
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