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Football lessons at schools

Purpose of project
Promoting healthy lifestyle among high school students, increasing popularity of football and preparation of high-level football players are the priorities of the project.
Duties of project
Duties of project are popularizing healthy lifestyle among students, increasing knowledge and experience of school sport teachers in the football field, increasing knowledge of students about the football, popularizing football rules correctly and popularizing Fair Play rules among students, detecting talented football players and providing their professional development correctly.
Description of project
According to regulations of "State Program for development of football during 2005-2015 in Azerbaijan Republic" signed by President Ilham Aliyev, AFFA and Ministry of Education signed cooperation agreement.
In the frame of this agreement the pilot project "Football is life" was prepared by AFFA for popularizing healthy lifestyle among students correctly and preparation of high-level football players.
It should be noted, this project is important for children and youth being directed to healthy lifestyle and increasing popularity of football.
Teachers, who would teach football lesson at schools, are determined by AFFA and are trained by german expert.
 The purposes of trainings are introducing syllabus of football lessons, prepared according to European standarts, to coaches and providing them to adopt special educational technology of this program.
Launch of football lessons at schools
According to the project, football lessons were started to teach by AFFA coaches among V, VI, VII class students in secondary school № 239, 236, 190, 240, 65, 87, 189, 269, 163, 136, 201, 65 in Baku city, № 24, 37, 3 in Ganja city, № 4 in Qusar city, № 5 in Lankaran city, Shilavar village high school, № 1 in Ismailli city, № 3 in Shaki city.
Each student was provided with sports kits and practical tools by AFFA for holding football lessons in high-level. Special coaches were set by AFFA for teaching football lessons and their salary is paid by AFFA.
It is planned to hold the tournaments (both boys and girls) among the schools which participated in the project "Football Lesson in schools".
It is intended to invite AFFA selectionists and coaches of kids teams to this matches.
The purpose is to find out talented children and to improve their talent for heading them to the professional football clubs.
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