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Nugay Rashidov did not join the training camp 02.02.2020
A footballer Nugay Rashidov did not join the training camp of Azerbaijan national team of U-17 players held in Antalya, Turkey.
A change in the squad of U-17 02.02.2020
There was a change in the squad of the Azerbaijan U-17 team which started training camp in Antalya, Turkey today. Sanan Garimov, who was invited from the "Gabala" club, has been removed from the squad sent to Antalya due to his health problems.
There will be a training camp of U-17Antalya 29.01.2020
Azerbaijan national team consisting of players under 17 will hold a training camp from February 1 to February 2 in Baku, and from February 2 to 12 in Antalya, Turkey. During the preparation, our team will play a test match against Tajikistan U-17 on February 6 and with the "Hellerup" club from Denmark on February 10. Here is the list of players invited to the gathering:
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